Learn about the skills international employers are seeking

First hand experiences, tips and insights

Empowerment Workshop:

Future Focus for Females is an empowerment presentation for Batswana women from a workshop presentation in Gaborone in July 2016. It is relevant for anyone who would like to learn about the skills and attributes international employers seek from employees.


Visiting from Australia, Lisa Evett (B.Bus (Mgmt) GCPM) is a successful manager with over 20 years’ experience working for international companies, she will share her experiences, tips and insights on how any woman with aspirations to develop her career can do so with a little bit of determination and passion.

Increase your knowledge of international employment opportunities
Network with friends and colleagues
Focus on your future employment plans
Learn about entrepreneurship opportunities
Learn about technology to help you at work
Be inspired, inspire others


This event is kindly sponsored by:


Mr Mark Sprey – Chairman of ConceroTel Botswana and Cene Global Media, a satellite and wireless internet service provider that provides world-class internet connections in emerging regions, such as Africa. Cene Global Media leads the way in telecommunications, connecting and enriching lives around the world with innovative, efficient and reliable services. Through our commitment to customers, constant innovation, respect for the planet and people, we aim to exceed expectations and meet challenging goals by engaging the talent and passion of people, who believe there is always a way.

Cene Global Media is a global telecommunications company specialising in satellite, VoIP, mobile (GSM), video conferencing and wireless communication networks in remote and emerging regions. Our experience in managing the challenges in remote areas, coupled with our technical and strategic business support, and use of the latest communications equipment, ensures our customers can always communicate in the harshest conditions. This philosophy has already helped improve the communications and economic wellbeing of our customers in the African, Pacific and Indian Ocean regions.

 What is covered

  • Why Botswana is poised for an international business revolution
  • What international employers are looking for in employees
  • Technology that can assist you right now
  • Developing the skills needed to thrive in an international workplace
  • How to go about finding a job with an international company
  • Alternative business opportunities for inspired entrepreneurs