Everything you need to know about Cene Media

Do you provide internet services to only Zambia and Botswana?

Cene Media hold a Internet Service Provider licence for both Zambia and Botswana. We are expanding our services every day. A wi-fi hotspot or satellite dish may need to be installed at your location if we are not currently servicing your area. We provide VSAT Mini-Hub (satellite hotspots) located anywhere within Sub-Saharan Africa. Please get in contact with us if you would like more information on our service locations.

Can I sign up online?

Yes, for customers in Zambia and Botswana, you can find a plan that suits you and pay for it online. If you need to pay by another method, please contact us.

Can I cancel my plan at any time?

Yes. If you do not renew your monthly data plan, you will automatically be disconnected. You can sign up again at any time or pay for a prepaid data bundle. In the event you have not purchased the connection equipment upfront, you will need to return it to us upon cancellation.

I have connected and I seem to be using a lot of data. Why is this?

A faster internet connection will automatically mean you will consume more data. You can read more about data use here.

What if I am in Zambia or Botswana and I cannot get access to your service?

You can request the installation of a wi-fi hotspot for P1000. For satellite connections, a dish may need to be installed. This will enable you and people around you to connect to our service called a mini-hub.

When will my account be activated?

Your order will be active once you have completed the Shopping Cart process. We will be in contact with you to arrange service. This will take between 5-10 days depending on your location. In some instances, connection may not be possible, which we will discuss with you directly.

Hotspot customers can connect immediately after paying for a voucher, either online, via 174 pay or paying cash at our office or participating hotspot location.

What if I can't pay online?

You can still submit an order via the Shopping Cart, as we will be notified and then we can contact you for alternative payment. We can also create you an order manually and present an invoice to you for payment if you prefer.

What internet connection services are available?

Cene Media offers a range of connection options to best  suit your needs, and service location. You can sign up to a monthly plan (cancel at any time), either wireless or satellite depending on your needs. You can also purchase PrePaid and Pay As You Go  data packs at any time if you are not on a monthly plan. Large enterprise users would be best suited to our Premium Wireless Plans with dedicated bandwidth.

Can I get a discount?

The more data you need, the less you will pay if you are on a monthly plan and upgrade. Cene Media offers some of the fastest internet download/upload speeds in emerging regions.

What if I consume all of my data plan before the end of the month?

For Pay As You Go Turbo data plans you will be speed limited until your next 30 day billing cycle date. If you would like to resume your normal high-speed internet service, you can pay the invoice that will be sent to you when you consume 90% of your data. This will reset your 30 day data cycle. For Hotspot customers, you simply purchase another data bundle when you run out. Cene Media recommends you upgrade your data plan to a higher amount should you consistently find yourself consuming all of your data before the end of the 30 days.

My data seems to be running out quickly, why is this?

Cene Media provides some of the fastest download speeds in Africa. You will be able to engage online in ways that were previously impossible. You can watch videos on YouTube and download content very quickly. Every time you download data, this is being deducted from your nominated monthly data allowance. All modern devices from mobile phones to laptops will automatically consume large amounts of data if you do not modify your device settings. This could be contributing to large amounts of data being consumed without your knowledge.

To give you an indication of data consumptions, please refer to our points below:

The average person can spend up to 48 hours browsing the web per month or about 7GB per month per person in your household. “Web surfing” covers a lot of online activity. Broadly speaking, you can easily use around 2.5MB per minute when browsing on a laptop or desktop. An everyday Facebook user can use around 2GB per month at 2MB per minute.

Software updates and apps can consume large quantities of your data. Tips for reducing data consumption on apps and devices is to turn off automatic updates and background refresh, locations services and also turn off wi-fi assist under mobile settings. iPhone users can also turn off synching with iCloud to reduce data usage.

For every hour of 720p video footage on YouTube you’re using up around 2.2GB of data. A High Definition movie will use 3.5GB per hour. A common misconception about video streaming is that it doesn’t use up as much data as downloading the same video would. In fact, it uses about the same amount of data – each time you stream it.

What if our community would like internet access at our Church or school?

If the internet service will be accessed by many people, the broader community, businesses or donators could sponsor the cost of installing a wi-fi hotspot or satellite dish. Installation prices vary depending on location. This would allow everyone within a 2-5km radius to sign up for a data plan that suits their usage.

What internet speed will I experience?

Your upload/download speeds are determined by your internet plan.

As an example, a dedicated 10Mbps plan will result in guaranteed upload and download speeds of 10Mbps (however upload and download speeds on dedicated services can be customised to customer requirements).

A 5GB Turbo Plan will result in upload/download speeds of up to 4Mbps for your 5GB TURBO component, and up to 1Mbps download and 256kbps upload for your unlimited data component. Please speak to our friendly Sales Team for more information.

Still have a question?

Please send us a message via our Contact page.