Internet and Content Contract – Terms and Conditions


This is a 12 monthly payments contract you are agreeing to enter into. There will be 12 payments required to complete this contract.


The Roku device, modem and wireless radio are rented to the customer. The rental fee is included in the monthly plan price.
The equipment is owned by CENE Media and must be returned in good condition at the end of the contract period if the service is discontinued. Equipment must be returned if no payment has been made for 3 months or more.
A once-off installation fee of P800 is charged to the customer. Requests for changes to the original installation may incur a call-out fee.


Our plans are based on the calendar month. This means the invoice due date will be on the same day each month.
Each month you will receive an invoice by email 14 days before the due date. Payment before or on the due date will ensure an uninterrupted Internet and content service.
Your Internet will be restricted after the due date. This will reduce the content viewing quality. Payment within 5 days after the due date will reactivate your plan to full speed. Your monthly due date will remain the same.
Your service will be disabled if non-payment after 5 days. Premium content plans including your Netflix account will be terminated. This means you will need to re-register for premium content services once your plan is reactivated. Your next monthly due date will change to the date of service reactivation.

Plan Upgrades / Downgrades

You may choose to request a plan upgrade or downgrade at any time during the contract period. Plan changes will come into effect at the start of the next calendar month.

Service Level Agreement

We want to ensure a trouble free Internet and Content viewing experience. You must notify us by phone or via if there is a problem. We will aim to restore your service within 48 hours.
We will provide a credit to the following month’s invoice if we determine the outage is our fault.
a. Internet and free content – An additional day of Internet and free content will be provided for each additional 24 hour outage above the initial 48 hour restoration period.
b. Premium Content - We will provide a credit to the following month’s invoice.
A guide has been provided on what each Internet and Content plan is capable of. Excessive demand (defined as “flat-lining” or reaching your bandwidth capacity) will interrupt content streaming and degrade Internet performance. Excessive demand on your internal network will not be considered as a network fault. The larger Internet plans are recommended for high definition (HD) viewing and for streaming to multiple devices simultaneously.
Internet and Content plans are optimised for the preferred home hours of 18:00 to 07:00 on weekdays and all weekend hours. Speeds will be quicker during these times.